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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Internet Surveys

Here is a short but useful post to my blog. I recently heard a news story about a website that hosts free internet surveys. They have free access but they also have a premium access that allows more freedom in your internet survey.

I highly recommend this site for use in the classroom and as a means of communication with staff.


Friday, March 17, 2006

Get Frontpage 2003

In order to stay technology savvy in the classroom you must upgrade to Microsoft 2003 and FrontPage 2003. As I have mentioned in earlier blogs it is pertinent for an educator to have a webpage and FrontPage 2003 has several new features that make it a better tool for teachers to use for their webpage classroom.

There are several new options such as Behaviors, Dynamic web templates, Flash support, image tracing and table and cell layout and just a few of the advantages of upgrading to FrontPage 2003


Sunday, February 12, 2006

Graphic Software a must for Web Page creation

In order to make your web page pop you must invest in some type of digital imaging software. I have recently been using 2 software packages that I highly recommend. Microsoft Digital Imaging Suite and Studio 8. Both of these programs are great tools for the web's designer but you must have some type of computer experience or at least someone looking over your shoulder who has had some type of experience with this software or you will be very frustrated.

Studio 8 provides you with a wide variety of tools and options however it is a little tricky to use. Microsoft Digital Imaging Suite allows more flexibility especially if you are using Microsoft FrontPage as you web page editor.


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

E-mail hoax as a great teaching opportunity

Giant Catfish, phony freebie chain letters, crazy health warnings and many more email hoax and urban legend flood our e-mail inbox. These can actually be a great resource to use as a internet lesson or unit in your classroom. Too often we believe that if we see something in print it must be true we need to teach our students that there are certain ways to determine if an e-mail or a website are factual or present valid information.

The lesson should start by defining some vocabulary; Hoax , a rumor and a Urban legend. has a great resource to use for this lesson.

Next present students with an actual hoax or urban legend and let them determine how they can come to a conclusion about its validity. Have students do actual research on the internet to prove or disprove the hoax or urban legend.

I would wrap up the lesson with information on how to determine if an e-mail is a hoax and the validity of a website.


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Webquest a Tremendous tool for Technology Integration

One of the most useful tools for technology integration has been around now for a few years, the Webquest. It is considered and inquiry oriented that uses the internet at a tool to complete a task.

Bernie Dodge is the father of the webquest. He developed two levels of Webquests Short term and Longer term based on Marzano's (1992)Dimensions of Thinking Model. The short Term Webquests are meant to be completed in one class period and Longer term are for and extended period of time.

Webquests include a introduction, a task, information sources, a process and a conclusion. Most webquest involve group activities but can be for an individual. Since it uses the internet it is usually high interest for students. The topic can be based on one topic or interdisciplinary.

If you are interested in using a webquest or creating one I suggest you begin at the Webquest page. Go to the portal link and either choose find a webquest or create one in the new link called the QuestGarden, and happy webquesting.


Monday, October 17, 2005

Webpage is a Must for Tech savvy Educator

A webpage is a must for any educator, if you intend on being technology savvy. I am currently using my website as a classroom tool for many of my lessons. On my website you will find my lesson plans, links to websites I use, and endless other information.

When I present a lesson I begin at my website and use the links and information that I have compiled in my website for the lesson. I incorporate the use of a SmartBoard when presenting my lessons which makes using my website.

Make your website interactive by having question of the week with a link to the answer. Allow viewers to e-mail questions or answers to question posted on your website. Use your website to publish your newsletter or calendar of events.

How to get started
One simple way is to use the HPRTEC webiste. Go to this link and simply follow the instructions. If you are more computer savvy, FrontPage is the perfect software for webpage creation.


Thursday, October 06, 2005

Throw away those VHS tapes GO “United Streaming”

Those old VHS tapes are no longer needed if you have access to the latest in teaching tools. Discovery Education has created a streaming video site that completely renders the vhs tape useless. United Streaming has enormous video library that can be accessed by your computer. These streaming videos cover all areas and all grade levels and are very useful in making your classroom part of the Technology age.

United Streaming requires a fee and many school systems and state departments of education are funding the availability of this tool for their teachers and students. One of the neat features when subscribing to United Streaming is that it becomes available to students and parents through their local school.

All you need is a PC and Internet connection. You may want to use your PCTV device or your interactive whiteboard to enhance you use of this website.

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